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Lindsay of Lindsay Horn Photography ROCKS the high school seniors, so she should know a bit about senior style. :)  This week she’s decided to highlight senior GUYS!

This week I decided to focus on an often overlooked group: the senior guys. Just because killer senior portraits aren’t always on the top of their to-do list doesn’t mean that they don’t want to look great too. I’ve pulled a few different looks together for guys of all types using many of our tried and true guidelines – textures, layers, and of course, an accessory too.

The first look is a classic casual outfit – jeans with a plaid button up, with either a cool jacket or sweater layered over top.  I think an outfit like this would suit almost anyone and almost any location too, it’s very versatile. The second outfit is the GQ look.   I’m still waiting for a senior to come with a GQ wardrobe (hint, hint, guys!), but for the right guy it would really make the images stand out.  I can easily see a look like this paired in a modern or more industrial urban environment. The last look is for all of the hipsters out there.  I fell in love with the varsity-style cardigan, but really liked the look of the whole outfit.  Add a fedora for an extra touch!  I think this outfit would look great in an older vintage downtown area or a great coffee shop or cozy book store.  SHOPPING TIP: If you find an article of clothing that you love online, make sure to check out the different images available – retailers often show a full ensemble using the piece (like the cardigan) and it may give you ideas on putting together the rest of your outfit.

Shopping List


Red Plaid Shirt – Old Navy $24.50

Tan Jacket – Old Navy $65

Tan Sweater – Gap $59.99

Jeans – Old Navy $29.50

Shoes – Piperlime $64.99


Suit – Express (although any tailored suit will do)

Striped Tie – Express $39.90

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