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I have two daughters who are fortunate enough to have the sweetest relationship with their best pal. We get together with them often and try to take as many pictures as possible. My oldest daughter has known her closest friend since she was two and they’ve been the best of friends for the past five years. It’s been so much fun capturing their bond over the years. The thought of their friendship inspired me for this week’s Wardrobe Wednesday.

How fun would it be for your daughter to have a photo session with her closest friend or friends! I know it’s tempting to put your girls in matching outfits, but this is an opportunity to show everyone how much they are alike while also letting their unique traits show through. While often overpriced (unless you use one of their frequently-offered 40% off coupons), Justice is a perfect place to find some outfits for your fun-loving gals. They always have vibrant, trendy pieces to coordinate and an abundance of fashionable accessories that can add to the session.

Having pictures done with a friend will allow your daughter to relax and show her true personality. The addition of accessories will give them some props to have fun with and talk about. Some of the best images are the candid shots of your girls telling secrets or comparing bracelets. They can be sassy with their hat and stylish with their purses. Add a “Best Friend” necklace and the smile they have on their face while trying to piece it together will be a priceless image to cherish for years.


All of the items found in this week’s Wardrobe Wednesday can be found at Justice.

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